Can Change This


The Journey of Transformation




Safe Shore

Cur­rents, eagles, sky and trees

Gen­tle pad­dling, steadily mov­ing on.

Oh, an owl!” My totem and

love mes­sage from my fathers.

Friends, com­pa­tri­ots, part­ners, rescuers.

Synced in silli­ness, warmth and joy.

I must feel safe with you….”

my dear beloveds.

Heart­break, fatigue, can­cer, change

Heal­ing, rest­ing, learn­ing, returning.

64 and in my bathing suit and no hair!”

you are my safe shore and fill my heart.


Safe Shore


Currents, eagles, sky and trees

Gentle paddling, steadily moving on.

“Oh, an owl!” My totem and

love message from my fathers.


Friends, compatriots, partners, rescuers.

Synced in silliness, warmth and joy.

“I must feel safe with you….”

my dear beloveds.


Heartbreak, fatigue, cancer, change

Healing, resting, learning, returning.

“…64 and in my bathing suit and no hair!”

you are my safe shore and fill my heart.




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